BC Minerva(Navy Blue) Leather Watch Strap

BC Minerva(Navy Blue) Leather Watch Strap

SKU: 42

Material: Minerva  


Why you'll love this leather: This is another gem from the Badalassi Carlo tannery in Italy. It is offered in a variety of beautiful colors and a smooth grain appearance. This leather will look great on just about any style watch. To clarify too, 'Minerva' is the base for 'Minerva Box' but is not milled so it sports a very different grain appearance and feel, yet is just another example why Badalassi Carlo creates amazing leather.


Leather Color: Navy Blue


The demo strap shown in photos is comprised of the following options:

-Stitch Pattern: 1. Full Stitch

-Color of Thread: 320. Navy Blue

-Stitch Style: 1. Refined(Slanted Stitch)

-Buckle Hole Style: 1.5mm Round hole


*Please note no watches or hardware besides a stainless steel tang buckle is included in any purchase.

    Strap Width
    Strap Length
    Stitch Pattern
    Thread Color
    Stitch Style
    Buckle Hole Style

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