Conceria 800's Toscano(Bordeaux) Leather Watch Strap

Conceria 800's Toscano(Bordeaux) Leather Watch Strap

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Leather: Conceria 800's Toscano


Why you'll love this leather: Toscano is a full grain, 100% veg tan leather from Italian tannery, Conceria 800. This leather is made to be worn on the wrist. Very pliable, yet has a tight grain structure. The tight grain allows the stitching to look clean and the edges to burnish and crease nicely. I also love how natural the leather finish is as well. Some leathers that are overly finished, lose that 'full grain' appeal and just look...fake. You can see some variations throughout the full hide, but for the most part, it's a very clean, Grade A leather. Full grain leather is unique in that the top most layer can reflect events in the cow's life(i.e - tick/mosquito bites, branding, scars, etc.). This top most layer of skin also has the strongest fibers which is why full grain leather is considered more durable than "top grain" and "corrected grain" leathers.


Leather Color: Bordeaux


The demo strap shown in photos is comprised of the following options:

-Stitch Pattern: 1. Full Stitch

-Color of Thread: 360. Bordeaux

-Stitch Style: 1. Refined(Slanted Stitch)

-Buckle Hole Style: 1.5mm Round hole