Haas Barenia(Black) Leather Watch Strap

Haas Barenia(Black) Leather Watch Strap

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Leather: Barenia Calf from the Haas Tannery in France


Why you'll love this leather: Barenia Calf has quickly become a shop favorite with how amazingly soft, yet sturdy it is as a watch strap material. Hermes, the famous fashion house, makes a lot of luxurious products using Barenia Calf. It is spongy soft and very consistent in grain appearance. It develops a beautiful sheen and darker color with wear. This is an excellent choice if looking for a dress watch material, though it's versatile enough to pair with many styles.


Leather Color: Black


The demo strap shown in photos is comprised of the following options:

-Stitch Pattern: 1. Full Stitch

-Color of Thread: 260. Black

-Stitch Style: 1. Refined(Slanted Stitch)

-Buckle Hole Style: 1.5mm Round hole