Haas Foulonne Barenia(Gold) Leather Watch Strap

SKU: 40

Leather: Foulonne Barenia Calf from the Haas Tannery in France


Why you'll love this leather: Barenia Calf is synonymous with the fashion brand, Hermes. Barenia calf is some of the softest leather I've handled that can also hold a burnished edge. It's a combination tanned leather so it displays properties common with both tanning methods. In addition to its spongy softness, you'll love how quickly this leather forms a rich patina. "Foulonne" is a special version of Barenia calf where it is given an additional finishing treatment to give it it's unique pebbled grain. Regular Barenia calf is incredibly soft...Foulonne is even softer. 


Leather Color: Gold 


The demo strap shown in photos is comprised of the following options:

-Stitch Pattern: 1. Full Stitch

-Color of Thread: 230. Dark Brown

-Stitch Style: 1. Refined(Slanted Stitch)

-Buckle Hole Style: 1.5mm Round hole

    Strap Width
    Strap Length
    Stitch Pattern
    Thread Color
    Stitch Style
    Buckle Hole Style

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